Push Notifications

Push Notifications are short pop-up notifications that appear on the screen of a mobile phone or a regular computer and report important events and updates. Thanks to the effective use of these brief information messages are a powerful marketing tool for your online store .  The main purpose of mobile push notifications for online store is to inform users about updates new shares or any other news.

Initially, push notifications appeared as a way of interacting mobile applications with mobile device users, but recently the technology of push-notifications of the browser or web-push has also become very popular.

Push notifications come from the server, unlike the pull notifications in which the client should request information from the server,

End users are given access to manage alerts if they change their minds later on. Typically, the end user should refuse to accept warnings; The selection usually occurs during the installation process.

An important advantage of push notifications in mobile computing is that the technology does not require certain applications on the mobile device to be opened to receive a message.

This allows the smartphone to receive and display messages on social networks or text messages, even when the device screen is blocked, and the social networking application that presses the notification closes.

Different devices and services rely on different methods for delivering push notifications.

For example, Apple developers can use the Apple Push Notification Service (API) application programming interface (API) for their applications to deliver push notifications to iOS devices. Another approach is to use mobile backends as service (mobile BaaS) cloud services to provide push notification functionality for a mobile application.

When you provide a mobile application to your customers, you can send them any messages using a push notification, and it's easy to do with the PHP plug-in that you will be provided with an AmazingCart. There is a message form in which you write any message, there click to Send a message, and thousands of customers of your store receive a message.